Bomdila- The Offbeat Destination For The Corageous

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Wrapped around by the towering pinnacles of Eastern Himalayan reaches a rise of more than 8000 feet over the ocean level, Bomdila’s beautiful scenes are a visual treat for the eyes. Being situated at the uttermost Eastern corner of the nation in the West Kameng locale of Arunachal Pradesh, Bomdila does not get the measure of visitors it truly merits. While correspondence trouble is a noteworthy hindrance for it to understand its monstrous potential as a beneficial tourism center, the absence of holidaying swarm makes it an enticing prospect for the unique explorers. So on the off chance that you are searching for a segregated place to lose all sense of direction in wild, at that point, Bomdila is most presumably the place you ought to be making a beeline for.


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Aside from the wealth of regular magnificence, Bomdila is additionally a homestead Buddhist culture and a few critical religious communities are scattered around this little slope withdraw. Notwithstanding for the travelers who are keen on natural life and enterprise, Bomdila can possess all the necessary qualities suitable. Not to overlook the bumpy forested territories and beautiful valleys encompassed by delightful Apple Orchards – which complement the trekkers and climbers well.

The Bomdila Monastery flabbergasts the vacationers with its sensitive Tibetan design. Planned as a correct imitation of the well known Tsona Gontse Manastry in Tibet, the tremendous cloister involves three particular areas – the Upper Gompa, the Middle Gompa and the Lower Gompa. Particularly the Upper Gompa, situated on a precarious slope, is an excellent structure that ought not be missed.

Trekkers can appreciate a 1.5 KM tough trek through beautiful surroundings that prompts an exquisite place called the Bomdila View Point. Here you can actually feel the mists kissing your feet. It’s an ordeal that can’t be clarified in words. Besides, the all encompassing perspective of the beautiful Kameng Valley on the setting of chilly Himalayan pinnacles is certain to abandon you awestruck. Comparable perspectives can be seen from the pinnacle of the R.R. Slopes – which is the most elevated point in the regions around Bomdila. The place is referred to be a trekking center point also.

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