Chilka Lake And Its Lovely Species Of Flora And Fauna

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Chilka is an estuary sort tidal pond sprawling over a region of more than 1100 Square Kilometers in the Eastern shore of India. Covering three areas, Puri, Khurda and Ganjam, in the territory of Odisha, Chilka is the biggest water-front tidal pond in India, as well as the second biggest tidal pond on the planet. It is isolated from the Bay of Bengal by a 60 km long thin segment of damp islands and sand-pads.


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One of the greatest hotspots of biodiversity in India, Chilka is home to the world’s most lovely assortment of transitory fowls species. Upwards of 180 types of transient feathered creatures have been recognized to visit this enormous lake amid the winter season. Aside from the transient flying creatures, Chilka is additionally home to a marvelous assortment of local winged animals, reptiles and creatures of land and water – including the exceptionally uncommon and jeopardized Irrawaddy Dolphins. Numerous other marine types of fauna additionally prosper in the harsh waters of the Chilka Lake.

The wetlands of Chilka is specked with various minor islands. The Nalbana Island is well known for its flying creatures asylum, while the Satapada island is frequented by voyagers to get a look at the uncommon Irrawaddy Dolphins. The Breakfast Island is perfect for swimming and it offers many water sports alternatives. The perfect encompassing of Honeymoon Island draws in the romatic couples like no other. The best piece of a Chilka trip, be that as it may, are the watercraft rides. Truth be told, nearly the whole outing at Chilka must be secured on vessel. Voyagers depend on water crafts to ship them starting with one island then onto the next and it can be an extraordinary and additionally exciting knowledge undoubtedly.


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As indicated by an overview, 45 percent of the winged creatures are earthbound in nature, 32 percent are waterfowl, and 23 percent are waders. The tidal pond is additionally home to 14 sorts of raptors. Around 152 uncommon and imperiled Irrawaddy dolphins have likewise been accounted for. In addition, the tidal pond bolsters around 37 types of reptiles and creatures of land and water.

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