Are You Drinking Plastic Instead Of Water?

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a survey into the potential dangers of drinking plastic water after another investigation of a portion of the world’s most mainstream filtered water brands found that over 90% contained minor bits of plastic. A past report additionally discovered abnormal amounts of microplastics in tap water.

In the new examination, investigation of 259 containers from 19 areas in nine nations crosswise over 11 distinct brands found a normal of 325 plastic particles for each litre of water being sold. As indicated by the new examination, the most well-known kind of plastic section found was polypropylene – a similar sort of plastic used to make bottle tops. The jugs dissected were purchased in the US, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Lebanon, Kenya and Thailand.


The examination has not been distributed in a diary and has not experienced logical companion audit. Dr Andrew Mayes, a University of East Anglia researcher who built up the Nile red strategy, disclosed to Orb Media he was “fulfilled that it has been connected precisely and properly, in a way that I would have done it in my lab”.

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The brands Orb Media said it had tried were: Aqua (Danone), Aquafina (PepsiCo), (Bisleri International), Dasani (Coca-Cola), Epura (PepsiCo), Evian (Danone), (Gerolsteiner Brunnen), Minalba (Grupo Edson Queiroz), Nestlé Pure Life (Nestlé), San Pellegrino (Nestlé) and Wahaha (Hangzhou Wahaha Group).

A moment disconnected examination, additionally just discharged, was authorized by battle amass Story of Stuff and inspected 19 purchaser filtered water marks in the US. It likewise discovered plastic microfibers were across the board. The brand Boxed Water contained a normal of 58.6 plastic strands for every litre. Ozarka and Ice Mountain, both possessed by Nestlé, had fixations at 15 and 11 pieces for each litre, individually. Fiji Water had 12 plastic strands for every litre.

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