Jatayu Nature Park Opens And Brings Great Adventure

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The Jatayu Nature Park or Jatayu Earth Center has at long last been opened to the general population, following quite a while of arranging and building. Situated in Chadayamangalam in Kollam, Kerala, the nature stop, and tourism focus have been underway for over two years. It picked up popularity for two reasons. The first is its area: the recreation center lies in the site where Jatayu, the legendary demigod as a hawk, was felled by the devil Ravana. Also, the second is the enormous statue of the legendary character, said to be the biggest winged creature design on the planet.

Spread crosswise over 65 sections of land, the new nature and tourism stop have been worked under an open private organization. It has an Ayurvedic resort, an advanced historical center and what its cases to be a 6D theater. What will be all the more fascinating, be that as it may, is the enterprise one with more than 20 exercises to experiment with, from rifle shooting to paintball and shake climbing and rappelling. The recreation center uses the characteristic shake arrangements for its enterprise exercises. There were discussions of opening the recreation center in mid-2017 and in the end August of this current year. At last, the recreation center has opened up in a staged way. Indeed, even right now, certain parts of the recreation center will stay shut until December 2017, since development is as yet going on. The cost for passage into the recreation center for a day will be INR 2,500 for every head.

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The nature stop has taken over 10 years to transform into reality. Rajiv Anchal and is group have been working with the legislature on what is, at last, the main ever manufacture work exchange demonstrate private-open association in the tourism business in Kerala.

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