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You just might be very satisfied with a DSLR on Automatic for taking photographs when you travel. But Travel Photography is not limited to the definition above. When you go places and take photographs they are supposed to document the area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs, and history. Those images should capture your emotions, your experiences and remember these photos are going to be what you have when you are 80 years old and telling your grandchild about that trip. Photography is the new timeline.



For travel photography, Digital SLR’s are not necessary but highly recommended. Even a basic model will teach you all that is to learn about taking pictures. If you don’t want to invest such amount of money, your iPhone cameras or any mobile device will do the magic. Now let’s take a look on the things we need to take care of –


If you own a Digital SLR, take one or two lights of variable intensities and adjust them according to the scene. Otherwise, here’s a tip that will give you the most amazing scenes. Wake up before the sun and sleep after the moon. Yes, the light during dawn and dusk are the peak points when you will get the perfect colors and beautiful landscapes. Just click away!

Don’t forget to do homework

Don’t point your camera on every tree in the forest. Research about the place you are in and get to know what is unique. Travel to places where you will find frames that are rare and objects that are traditional. Get off the beaten path and let yourself wander in places that nobody has disclosed to the world before. You’ll get authenticity and that’s what you need.

 Rule of thirds

Generally used by professional photographers, but this rule is not a twisted physics equation. Anybody can understand how to use this rule and make their subjects pop out. It will help you in capturing landmarks, people and landscapes of the place with an additional touch of professionalism.

Talk to the Locales

This is a mistake that most travel photographers commit. They spend their whole day trying to figure out what to capture and what not to. Whereas, if you just open up and talk to the people who are living there for all their lives, you’ll get your answer. They know more about what is there to look for and will most probably guide you to the right place.

Use your tripod when you can

If you are using your mobile, you can use the sports mode to capture the sharpest moment. But getting the clarity out of picture is very important for it to look good. Using a tripod will decrease blur motions, shakiness or unclear edges. If you are the one who loves the landscapes, a tripod will be your best friend.

Make every picture count.

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